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Sample Requirement

For total RNA:



  • At least 3 µl sample. Estimated concentration should preferably be above 50 ng/µl to give accurate data.


(Caliper or Bioanalyzer)

  • At least 4 µl sample. A rough estimate of concentration is needed in order to decide which assay to run. 
  • Caliper: Standard Sense assay 50-200 ng/µl
  • Bioanalyzer: Nano chip assay 50-500 ng/µl and Pico chip assay 50-5000 pg/µl.

Concentration and Quality

(NanoDrop and Caliper or Bioanalyzer)

  • At least 7 µl sample in total.


Quality DNA (FFPE)


  • Sample needs to be measured on Qubit and normalized in EB-buffer (10 mM Tris-Cl, pH 8.5)
  • At least 5 ul sample with a concentration of 2.5 ng/µl  

Delivery to CTG

  • Order Form and Sample sheet (provided by CTG) have to be filled in and sent to CTG by email.
  • Samples should be delivered in 200 µl PCR tubes or strips.
  • All samples should be labelled individually and directly on side and lid of tube.
  • Samples must be delivered on ice.


Page Manager:

Contact for service

E-mail: CTGservice [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se
Ingrid Wilson
  Phone: +46706855137
Markus Heidenblad
  Phone: +4646173592

Tubes for delivery of samples
Tubes for delivery of samples

Contact CTG:  

   Phone: +46706855137 
   E-mail: CTGservice [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Visiting Addresses:

   Medicon Village 404:B3                                BMC - Biomedical Centre
   Scheelevägen 2                                             Sölvegatan 23 B
         SE-223 81 Lund                                             SE - 221 85 Lund

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