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Complementary Analyses

CTG works closely with the Center of Molecular Diagnostics (CMD) at the Division of Laboratory Medicine, Region Skåne, to facilitate clinical implementation of new diagnostic assays within healthcare. Therefore these analyses are also available.




Library and sequencing


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Myeloid panel

15 full genes + 39 hotspots

50 ng DNA of
high quality
(FFPE not ok).

Amplicon sequencing on

Sequencing of tumor and normal is recommended but not mandatory.

Illumina: Trusight-myeloid

Lymphoid panel

44 genes (not all exons), 58 kb in total.

50 ng DNA.
FFPE ok.

Amplicon sequencing on



Solid cancer panel (Oncomine Focus)

35 genes for hotspot mutations, 18 genes for CNV and 23 fusion genes

>10 ng of DNA
(FFPE OK) and >10 ng of RNA.

Amplicon sequencing on

RNA is only used for fusion gene detection and can be omitted. Oncomine Comprehensive is available (similar but more comprehensive content).


Whole Exome

67 Mb covering all coding parts of the human genome as well as selected non-coding regions.

50 ng (FFPE OK).

Agilent Clinical Research Exome
v2 and Illumina. Typically >25M 2x150 bp reads for an average coverage of >100X.

Sequencing depth can be tailored based on research question (eg. Deeper sequencing to detect low frequency variants in tumours).

Agilent: Brochure

16S Sequencing

Microbiome sequencing of the V3-V4 region in 16s

Genomic DNA
(>5 ng/µl in 10
mM Tris pH 8.5)

Amplicon sequencing on


Whole genome
sequence of

Minimum 40x coverage

Microbial Genomic DNA
of good quality
 (>1 ng/µl)

Illumina sequencing
using Nextera XT library preparation

Genomes with a very high GC% is harder to sequence and might infer some extra cost

Illumina: Nextera-xt-dna



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