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Bioinformatics and Deliverables

Our bioinformatics services include below analysis pipeline, deliverables and data management. Other pipelines can be discussed.

Seq-Only Analysis pipeline

Demultiplexing, involves in re-organizing the FASTQ files based on the sample index information, and generating the statistics and reporting files. This task will be performed using the bcl2fastq2 software with default settings.


Project delivery report

Summarized information about the experimental setup, methods, and corresponding references and links (20XX-XX_Project_Delivery_Report.pdf)

Demultiplexing results

“DE_MUL_PLEX_project_number”. This folder contains subfolders with names as Sample ID, provided in the sample sheet. These subfolders contain .fastq files with the file names as Sample Name, provided in the sample sheet.

Data management and analysis

CTG uses LUNARC, center for scientific and technical computing at Lund University facility, for data management and analysis.

Delivery medium

Your project data will be delivered through either of the following medium:

1.    On a hard disk, encrypted and protected with a password. Please visit this site for more information see.

2.    Your UPPMAX account, if you do not have one please visit UPPMAX site for more details.

Data storage

  • The project data will be stored for 6 months.

Additional Services

  • For additional Bioinformatics services please contact NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden, (
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