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All customers using services at Center for Translational Genomics (CTG) should cite CTG by including the following sentence in the acknowledgment:

 ”We thank Center for Translational Genomics, Lund University and Clinical Genomics Lund, SciLifeLab for providing sequencing service”.

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Contact for service

E-mail: CTGservice [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se
Ingrid Wilson
  Phone: +46706855137
Markus Heidenblad
  Phone: +4646173592

CTG - Center for Translational Genomics Excellent Infrastructure at Lund University - Roll-up with Lund University logotype and seal over a blue DNA-string

Contact CTG:  

   Phone: +46706855137 
   E-mail: CTGservice [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Visiting Addresses:

   Medicon Village 404:B3                                BMC - Biomedical Centre
   Scheelevägen 2                                             Sölvegatan 23 B
         SE-223 81 Lund                                             SE - 221 85 Lund

         Link to map for Medicon Village                  Link to map for BMC